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Using HootSuite for Managing Social Media

It is no secret that HootSuite came before many other social media post scheduling services. It actually changed the way tweets were scheduled. Since then, many other tools followed their example and today many people use HootSuite exclusively for post scheduling. HootSuite has a dashboard that ...
Start Your New IT Career This Year

Start Your New IT Career This Year

We live in a data-driven world, and it’s the job of IT professionals to keep that world moving. Whether you’re prepping for a future career or looking to make the jump from your current job, IT is looking for you. There’s great news, too – you don’t need a four-year degree to make the move ...
Browser Compatibility Testing

The Importance of Browser Compatibility Testing

The top five web browsers on the market are constantly vying for supremacy in what has become known as the “Browser War”, which means that web designers have to really be at the top of their game. They need to ensure that websites they have designed display well for all the most popular browsers ...

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CIOs Tips for Migrating to the Cloud

It has been predicted by 2015 end-users spending on public cloud services will grow more than $180 billion. As more organization and the public make their decision to transition to the cloud-based service comes the next question for some corporation ‘when?’ The cloud-based services faci ... ...

What You Need to Know About Apple Pay

During this week, Apple has recently introduced two new things – a mobile payment solution called Apple Pay, and a smartphone named “iPhone 6” which is not simply bigger, but it is better in lot of ways. Tech celebrants have expected for years a world in which people paid for mark ... ...