Google your Home: The Future Looks Bright with Ok Google

Ok Google

Ok Google (Google Home)

Finally a house guest that actually earns its keep. Google Assistant, the smart AI built into Google Home is one of the most helpful and more intelligent friends you won’t mind have hanging around.

Forget asking your partner or roomie to lower the temperature before they leave the house. Don’t even bother seeing if they can find that funny clip you were watching last night. With Google Home your lazy, good-for-nothing’s housemate’s days are numbered. 

Google Home is the latest addition to any tech-savvy household. The voice-activated speaker, which is powered by the Google Assistant, can tell you off the top of its head what the cost of tickets will be to your holiday destination, as well as the local currency is and which spots you have to visit while there.

Google Home, the slick new addition to the Google family, and yours, isn’t quite there yet in terms of being fully integrated with its ecosystem, but you can rest assured it won’t be much longer before it’s fully compatible. Soon Google Home and the built in Assistant will be able search old emails for you, read out your text messages and respond to them and probably be better company than the humans in your life.

If you already use voice assistant services, then Google Home is an obvious choice for you; down the line it will only add value and complement how you live and interact with your devices at home. But it’s not there, not yet.

Keep an eye on it. It’s only a matter of months, or weeks, before Google Home will have more third-party services that will allow you to customize your home and devices to suit your needs. They’ve recently opened up their platform to third-party developers, which almost guarantees a flood of Home-compatible apps coming shortly. We suggest you jump on the bandwagon now because as soon as it becomes more capable the demand will dictate the price. 


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