Get More Social Media Shares on Your Web Blog

The rate at which a blog post is shared is a key indicator of success for professional bloggers and marketing content as well. Actions generate traffic and exponentially expand the scope of content online, makes it crucial to keep rising. But it is not always easy in such a densely online marketplace with such fierce competition, especially for new beginnings. Here are 5 ways to increase the potential and the appeal of social media of your blog which will engage more potential customers and develop your online presence.

1. Integrate Social Media

This may seem obvious, but it is a lot to gain from a few small not to improve the way in which your blog and social media accounts interact. First of all, it is a good idea to replace your integrated blogs comments system with Facebook. This means that each comment has a scope increased massively, as friends of each stakeholder will potentially see the comment, and stakeholders are informed every time that someone other comments on the post. All this contributes to generate traffic to your site.

Second, if you use Twitter, think of news and associated hashtags and try to target your content to them to increase the opportunities for action by the organizers and others. Commun.it to identify the influencers that are essential to your content featured.

2. Visuals

Make your blog as visually appealing as possible are key to increasing of the shares. A tweet about your post that contains an image or a video is much more shareable than text alone, especially something funny.

3. Know your audience

It is essential to target well - knowing that your audience means that you can create more attractive contents that are more likely to be shared with greater efficiency. Central to this is analytical tools (such as Commun.it and Bit.ly) which allow to identify the kind of people who share your content and on what platform. 

It is also extremely important to establish relationships on social media. In short, reply to everyone who speaks to you! Actual conversations are essential to get actions and have an overall more enriching experience with social media.

4. Concision

If someone, especially an influencer, can take a look of ten seconds to your message and understand what it said, the chances of sharing are much more important, so be sharp and to-the-point. "Skimability" is another factor; Make sure that your blog can be read quickly by using lists (like this!).

5. Boost your numbers without paying

These days, it is easy to buy 100,000 followers, but they will do nothing to increase the real reach of your content, especially among the people who count - customers and potential prescribers. Have your employees to engage with the content of your brand through their own social media accounts to increase the gross number of shares without the artificiality.

To sum up, it is important to be effective while remaining authentic and human. Use tools and analytics in combination with a real commitment through visuals and conversations to observe your actions grow!.

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