5 Exceptional Event Planning Applications for Android

For most people, arranging events can be very difficult and exhausting to manage. As a marketing consultant, I have experienced planning for small to large scale events. It can take months to plan and execute most, especially the big events. Everything must be orchestrated in full detail, and in order to accomplish each, my team and I have to follow a strict timeline.

Unlike me, other people might find events planning to be a bit of a tedious job. Due to the stress and migraines this can create, I’ve come up with the best approach to handle and manage events planning. As an android user, I am highly recommending people download an events planning application. These apps have helped me in countless ways!

If you are already an android user, here are a few applications which can help you stage your events.

1. Event Planner:

This application can be very useful in arranging different types of parties. This "occasional" planner provides you the opportunity to effortlessly control party elements, such as the visitors you will invite. You will be able to budget your money using this application and keep you from overspending.

2. Super Planner:

Super planner costs $9.99. This application can be beneficial most especially to people who are not very organized. With a bundle of accessible features,, you will never be stressed planning your super fiesta. You can conceptualize all you want, up to the last detail.

I’ve always enjoyed using this application because it allows me to pull off gimmicks for my event. With numerous suggested stunts, the super planner gives you tons of ideas to incorporate for different occasions.

3. Wedding Planner:

If not for this application, I would have never realized how simple and exciting it is to organize a wedding event. My friend was very anxious a year ago because of all the elements she wanted to integrate into her wedding. She only had a few months to prepare, and as her friend, I was also anxious that she might not finish planning on time. When she found out about wedding planner applications, we both became less worried and started doing things with more enthusiasm.

The especially ideal feature of these applications is the financial planning component, where you can control your money and budget not only for the wedding, but also for your future.

4. Schedule Planner:

Schedule planner is one of the applications I use for everyday errands. This application allows me to gauge the extent of what I need to do, where I need to do it, and how I should execute my plans. I’ve always been the kind who doesn't use a timeline, but when I downloaded this, I became much more organized with my schedule. Whenever I fail to follow my schedule, this application reminds me through its "errand cautions", to stay on track. 

5. Pocket Planner:

The pocket planner is probably one of the best there is. I am a writer who has a habit of writing down notes on pieces of paper. With this application, I can take down random notes and remind myself of my activities for the whole month. This application can also reminds me of my gym schedule.


Photo credits to Talk Android.

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