What You Need to Know About iPhone Privacy Settings

The wonderful invention that is the iPhone has its downside, namely a  potentially serious privacy issue with one of its menus. Just like all other famous technological devices, your iPhone has its own secrets. It appears that iPhones have as a standard feature numerous secret hidden menus which can only be accessed by entering a specific code into the phone app. For example, dialling a certain code will access a hidden field test menu, and there are many others with particular functions.

One of the secret menus shows all of the places that the user regularly visits, which means that if it is stolen, the thief could find your house and when you are likely to be away from home. This glitch has been brought to the public’s attention in a recent video on Facebook. This woman who posted this video explains that this menu if not actively switched off, will show times and dates of the places you visit most frequently, including your home and work. It is not certain why this feature should be considered necessary or helpful to anyone, but all iPhone users should be aware of this, and know how to change their settings, so as not to fall prey to someone with malicious intentions. This menu has caused great alarm to users, because it could show all the details of their private lives - and, even more anxiety-provoking, could reveal to a thief precisely where someone’s home address is. The menu in question stores information which has been generated by the iPhone’s location systems. It is a feature not necessarily generally common knowledge, since it is buried deeply within the phone’s menu.  

Fortunately, it is possible to switch this off, simply by adjusting the iPhone’s privacy settings.  If you have an iPhone and you want to see what is stored in yours, first go to Settings, then Privacy, and then Location Services.  Next, tap the System Services menu and scroll down to the Frequent Locations menu.  From there you can then delete the information (see video above).

This information also applies to all phones which use the Android operating system. In fact, when you get a new iPhone or iPad, or any devices with iOS, you should immediately change the privacy settings for enhanced security. This tutorial tells you how.

As we all know, cyber-crime has become a big problem these days, and one of the reasons for this is that technology is often too clever for its own good, as in this iPhone example. The devil really is in the details.

Picture courtesy of www.cnet.com



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