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Jack of all trades. Interested in MAFIA: Music, Arts, Film, Independence and Anything Intellectual. Currently writing for an events and advertising company.


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5 Exceptional Event Planning Applications for Android

For most people, arranging events can be very difficult and exhausting to manage. As a marketing consultant, I have experienced planning for small to large scale events. It can take months to plan and execute most, especially the big events. Everything must be orchestrated in full detail, and in or ...

Secrets on How to Recover Important Files

We are currently at a time where every application is easy to access, download and store. Sometimes, due to lack of memory storage because of our applications, we delete files from our computers. Since it’s a topic not usually discussed in articles, I have gladly researched on how to recover ...
 Internal Search Results

Improving Internal Search within Your Organization

It’s quite surprising for most organizations that rely on sourcing information outside their network instead of getting everything within their systems. Virtual information must be improved in order to have a quick search for all employees in any organization. Search functions must be develop ...

Quick 2014 Internet Report

More than decades ago, we have experienced transitions from analog to digital, radio to television, and television to internet. Trends took place, various technology features were showcased upon us, that choosing became a challenge because of too many catalogs of smart phones and computers. We educ ...

The Most Intriguing Article Ever Written

Now that I have your attention, it is about time that I teach you about “The 3 Seconds Challenge”. I have been in the marketing industry for quite some time now and getting people’s attention in a short span of time is a challenge I constant learn and unlearn.The 3 seconds challen ...