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The Cloud is Ready for Security Industry

The Cloud is Ready for Security Industry

In the recent years, many organizations and IT companies have started using cloud-based applications for their day-to-day operations. However, the cloud services are mainly used for non-sensitive systems. When it comes to the security business, there is a deliberate hesitation among companies to ad ...

Intel Plans Thumb Sized PCs in the Upcoming Year

Gone are the days of heavy computers and peripherals. The tablets and smart phones have taken mobile computing to a whole new level. Every day, hardware companies are striving to create minimalist products that can provide extreme reduction in size, while maintaining the necessary computing functio ...

Google Nest’s Acquires Revolv

Google has bought Revolv, a startup company in home automation, to help Google’s subdivision known as Nest. Nest labs is a digital thermostat company, which was acquired by Google recently. These acquisitions are geared towards Google’s investment in appliances for smarter homes. The st ...

Top 5 phases of Social Media Maturity

Social media has been the face of technology for the past half-decade. Social media, according to Oxford, is a group of online communications channel dedicated to community-based effort, interaction, content-sharing, data and group effort. Companies throughout the world are leveraging social media ...

Google Acquires Jetpac

Recently, Google acquired JetPac, a San Francisco based company. The company created a mobile application that is designed to come up with interesting city guides for travelers. Google will likely use the Jetpac team to improve search around location information using the data that is derived from ...

Google Encodes Their Upcoming Android Software

Recently, Google has said it would encrypt the data of its mobile operating system as its new security measure in the wake of many security breaches. This encryption is expected to be part of next Android version. Google has not said when the next update of Android will be released.Your private dat ...

Amazon Organizes Main Server Reboot for their cloud services

Recently, amazon web servers made a substantial update to their cloud servers and the customers are required to re-launch their instances in the upcoming days. Amazon sent a notification for their customers and tagged this as a “required host maintenance”. However, some cloud consultant ...

6 Social Network Techniques for Executives

Networking as an executive is one of the most appreciated techniques to build your integrity professionally. Corporates play a vital role in developing and implementing proper social network services.The following are certain important techniques in social networking for executives to achieve succe ...

Google offers web servers with software

In the growing IT field, many web administrators wish to deliver the web content in a quick way and to slim bandwidth cost. They should be excited as google now offers a new, free module named “Page speed” to automate this process by compressing web content.Google’s new module jus ...