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Small business and marketing specialist with years of experience in the industry. He has watched as the world of online business has grown and adapted to new technologies.


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The Role of Automation in System Administration

Automation is a need of our society, and people are dreaming of a day when computers do their tasks without any type of human intervention. Since the days of the first commercial systems, society's needs are pushing for automation. The fast changing IT world is a field where this topic is highl ...

Google Aims To Boost Cloud Tools By Buying Zync

Google announced that it is buying Zync Inc. to bolster its cloud-based offerings by including Zync's technologies to its services.Zync is a Boston-based visual-effects software company founded in 2011, whose Zync Render technology is used for TV and film studios, and was used in developing spe ...

Why Security is Crucial for Business Success

Security is an essential concern for any business, but few think about security from every possible angle. Appropriate security ranges from a necessary minimum business standard to an added benefit for consumers, depending on how you look at it. Small businesses often find offering additional secur ...

Trends in 2014 Supporting Small Business Globalization

Globalization is a dream for some businesses, a goal for others and a reality for a few. The global stage can take a business from a small local shop to a worldwide brand in a matter of months, when lightning strikes. Most businesses won't see such explosive growth, but even so, there are many ...

Microsoft Takes An Action Against The Global Cyber Crime

Microsoft Corp has launched an operation on Monday, in an effort to fight the roots of the global cyber crime, targeting the malicious software known as Jenxcus and Bladabindi which is developed in Algeria and Kuwait.A Microsoft representative said that this particular malware has resulted in almos ...