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An Overview of Software Defined Networking (SDN)

Software-defined networking (SDN) is a recent revolutionary concept, which aims to optimise a network’s functioning and dramatically improve its efficiency.  This is a kind of umbrella term, which covers several different types of network technology, all with the goal of making a network ...

What is the The Internet of Things? 5 Key Facts

You may have heard of the recent phrase buzzing around in tech circles - the “Internet of Things.”  While this sounds like quite a silly name, it refers to the scenario where people, objects and even animals possess unique identifiers, which enables them to transmit data over ...
 What is Encryption

What is Encryption and Why is it Important?

Every aspect of life as we know it these days has been transformed by the Internet revolution, from the way we learn things, to the way we shop.   We now use the Internet to carry out a whole range of activities, like playing games, reading the news, communicating with others, applying fo ...

The Importance of Packet Capture for Networks

Packet capture is the process carried out by a packet analyzer, also known as a protocol analyzer, network analyzer or packet sniffer, or for certain types of networks, a wireless sniffer or Ethernet sniffer. This is a computer program or piece of hardware which intercepts and logs traffic passing ...
Corporate Phishing

9 Top Tips to Prevent Corporate Phishing Attacks

It is vital for all companies to recognise the role their staff play in the security of information.  Corporate employees are in possession of the right credentials (such as passwords, ID documents, usernames and security clearances) and general knowledge which is of utmost importance to ...

What You Need to Know About iPhone Privacy Settings

The wonderful invention that is the iPhone has its downside, namely a  potentially serious privacy issue with one of its menus. Just like all other famous technological devices, your iPhone has its own secrets. It appears that iPhones have as a standard feature numerous secret hidden menus whi ...

The Basics of Network Management with SNMP

SNMP (Simple Network Management Protocol)  is a popular protocol for the management of networks, used for gathering and configuring information from network devices, such as hubs, printers, servers, switches, and routers on an IP (Internet Protocol) network, or any device which is network ...