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Julie Sinclair

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Julie is a retired school teacher who loves writing, gardening, Internet research, crafts, and being with her family. After retirement Julie has kept up her skills in computing by taking classes at the College near by.

Julie Sinclair

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Best Backup Solution

What is the Best Backup Solution: Online or Local?

Enterprises and home users all face the same problems when it comes to backing up and storing their data. Today the cloud offers online backup service to store your data safely. However, there are many concerns when it comes to trusting your data to an online backup service. One of the major concer ...
What You Need to Know About VOIP Security

What You Need to Know About VOIP Security

VOIP security has always been an issue with corporations' network administrators. The security issues continue to pose problems and challenges for the network. The traditional landline major security issues that companies faced was the problem of wire tapping. However, companies today have swit ...
New Cloud Trends

What New Cloud Trends Can We Expect In 2015?

This year has been the year for the public cloud wars, but next year we will see a rise in cloud platforms. Next year will bring forth drastic changes in the cloud landscape from business intelligence 2.0 to virtualization. The organization will see next year how the impact of the cloud platform wi ...
Adware Protection

Keeping Your Business Safe from Adware

Adware is becoming one of the top malware problems today in businesses around the world. Before, businesses only had to worry about protecting their computers and networks in their organization. However, today it goes way beyond the doors of your company. With all the new BYOD programs, cloud compu ...

IBM’s Answer to Cloud Security

IBM introduced their new Dynamic Cloud Security package that protects enterprise applications and data across multiple platforms. The new Dynamic Cloud Security is the first intelligent security portfolio that was designed to protect applications, people, and data stored in hybrid clouds. In recent ...

Is Apple Pay Secure?

Apple Pay new secure mobile payment system was released on October 20th. Some consumers are still worried that this new technology won’t be a safe way to pay at the stores. But, security experts say this new payment method is safer than swiping your credit or debit card at the checkout.  ...