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Ann enjoys writing, reading, gardening, fishing and the great outdoors. Her job has allowed her to travel and live in different countries. She enjoys studying and learning about different cultures.

Ann Johnston

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Google Tools Resource List

Google Tools for Social Management

Google is a valuable source of marketing tools for any business owner. Therefore, it is necessary that all business takes advantage of what Google has to offer. From A to Z, Google has the tools you need to help manage your business. Google +: This is a thriving social network created by Googl ...
Prevent Data Loss from a Virus

How to Prevent Data Loss from a Virus

Data loss is a devastating event when it happens. However, more people could have prevented this if they only knew what to look for. The number one cause of data loss comes from viruses infecting your computer and destroying your data. Therefore, it is important to know what to look for so you can ...
DIY Data Recovery after a System Crash

DIY Data Recovery after a System Crash

Today, your computer’s operating system can malfunction for many reasons. The most common problems happen when your Windows system directories become corrupted by a virus. This causes your OS to no longer load the files necessary to display your programs and data. Therefore, it is important t ...