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Biologist, writer, tech guy, musician and photographer. Only the first is for real, though.

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Eugene, the Computer that Managed to Fool Humans

With the advent of technology in the recent years, it has been widely discussed if the Artificial Intelligence (AI) can, one day, become more or less like the human mind. There have always been some doubts about this, but some recent news showed that it can, in fact, become real. Eugene Goostman, a ...

Google's "Right to be Forgotten" Explained

Everything we do online, from a simple Google search to the upload of a photo to Facebook or Instagram, leaves a trace. Always. And, of course, the bigger our online presence is, the bigger that trace will be, up to a point where companies can have a file only about us and our informations: where w ...

Meet Five iOS and Android Alternatives

The mobile devices kingdom is, in terms of operating systems, totally dominated by Apple’s iOS and Google’s Android. Microsoft has been trying, in every way possible, to impose in this segment, but its growing within the market is going at a slow pace.Since 2010, the segment of mobile d ...

New Algorithm Can Compromise Encryption

In a world where it is becoming harder and harder to seal the access to digital information, the most used strategy consists in the encryption of storage and transfer of data with advanced security algorithms. However, as it turns out, even those are becoming insecure.Researchers from the Universit ...

SFTP, An Important Technology for Website Security

The Web is as fascinating as it can be dangerous and unsafe. If you happen to be the owner of a website, then you should know the importance of securing your website to prevent hackers from gaining access to your account.There are multiple sides to protect within a website, but some of them are mor ...

Elementary OS, A Light But Beautifully Designed Linux Distro

Nowadays there are several Linux distributions (distros) available, each one built differently and in order to serve specific purposes. There are distros specifically created for desktops, or for laptops, distros made for old computers which take few resources, distros specially assembled for begin ...

Keepod, Your OS To Use On The Go

What if you could take your computer wherever you go? I am not talking about the whole physical computer, so let me rephrase: what if you could take your operating system (OS) with you, in your pocket, wherever you go? It may seem a little unreal, but it is now possible with Keepod OS.Keepod OS is ...