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New Version of Duqu Malware Hits Security Giant Kaspersky Lab

In the early spring of 2015, security firm Kaspersky Lab detected a cyber-intrusion of its own internal systems while testing a prototype of an anti-APT (advanced persistent threat) solutions. After the attack was detected Kaspersky launched a massive investigation, which led to the discovery of a ...
Cursor Broken

What to do if Your Cursor is “Cursed”

Have you ever been working on your computer when all of a sudden it appears that your cursor has a mind of its own? The cursor starts moving around on your screen or opens a file or program you didn’t want. There are two reasons why a cursor can behave in such a manner:Your computer has a har ...
Been Hacked

Have you Been Hacked? Now What?

If your ISP provider notified you that your computer has become part of a zombie botnet, take them seriously. Your computer has been hacked and it is critical that you take evasive actions to protect your data. A virus or other malware that is installed on your computer can now be used to attack ot ...

Malvertising: An Emerging Security Threat

If you've disavowed yourself from suspicious email attachments and iffy websites, congratulations. You've taken one tiny step toward protecting yourself from malware.One. Tiny. Step.Unfortunately, protecting yourself from viruses and other security threats isn't as simple as knowing wha ...

Recovering Computer Crash Data and Data Backup

Before you lose your I-tunes, Microsoft Office, pictures, work, and other important files and computer data, make a hard drive backup! A backup is just a copy, so if you want a simple way to back-up your computer, simply copy your C-drive to a large enough external hard drive and do back-ups often. ...