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5 Current Trends in Cloud Computing

 The cloud penetrates many areas of life and business - private users use them to back-up their files and companies use these technologies to optimize their infrastructure and the cost of it. Here’s a selection of current trends in cloud computing you need to know.According to data prese ...

How Committed Are You to the Cloud?

Cloud-based services are becoming more and more relevant in the modern world, but some companies are still reluctant to truly commit to this new technology in spite of the benefits it brings. A recent update to the Cloud Price Index by 451 Research has revealed that the price of cloud-based systems ...
Knapsack Code

Knapsack Code Reworked to Take on Quantum Computing

Creating an online defense system better equipped for future threats, mathematicians from Washington State University (WSU) have developed an encryption code that will be able to fend off the extraordinary hacking capabilities of a quantum computer. The project recently featured in The Fibonacci Qu ...