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Understanding Data Breaches and How to Fight Them

Understanding Data Breaches and How to Fight Them

Methods are available to restrict damage and protect data when websites have been breached. At the moment, existing security measures are complex, but it is still possible for these safeguards to be broken, particularly by so-called insiders or through the use of undetected malware. It goes without ...
Data Breach Defense Plan

7 Components of a Business Data Breach Defense Plan

Most businesses have confidential information stored, such as client or employee addresses, phone numbers, social security numbers, dates of birth or credit card information. A data breach could result in theft of client or employee confidential information. Individuals, known as hackers, may try t ...

A Breach is Not the End

Cyber attacks have never been higher in numbers and are getting more ruthless by the day. With increasing dependence on online functioning, businesses and organizations have become prone to attacks by cyber criminals and competitors alike. An attack may even originate from within the organization. ...
Sony Hack

Sony Hit By North Korean Hackers

According to industry news reports, hackers have once again wreaked havoc, this time by targeting Sony Pictures. Information about the film giant and its employees has been dumped on torrent sites and Sony’s online security is now seriously compromised to such an extent that employees have b ...
2015 technology

What Will 2015 Bring Us?

This year is nearly at an end and time to reflect back on what has happened in 2014 and look ahead to 2015. This year major organizations, banks, and retailers suffered from explosive data breaches to their networks. Nearly half of all organizations had at least one or more data breaches this year. ...