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How a Web Hosting Provider can Affect Your website's SEO

There is a strong correlation between the quality of hosting a website uses and its search engine rank. Although having decent web hosting does not necessarily imply a boost in rankings, it does imply avoiding all the negative consequences – which are significant – of picking a bad host ...

Analytics 101 before Jumping Into the Data Game

Analytical tools for your company's website will become invaluable, but jumping headfirst into big data can be daunting for small business owners. The metrics that flood from analytics will provide a business with a variety of tools and data that will help them expand their online presence. And ...

Amazon Organizes Main Server Reboot for their cloud services

Recently, amazon web servers made a substantial update to their cloud servers and the customers are required to re-launch their instances in the upcoming days. Amazon sent a notification for their customers and tagged this as a “required host maintenance”. However, some cloud consultant ...