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Samsung is Keen on Providing Internet From the Sky

Leading tech giant Samsung has given a very alluring title to a recently published report which proposes a possible new and revolutionary venture. The report is titled Mobile Internet from the Heavens and suggests sending several hundred satellites into orbit with the intention of providing faster ...

Samsung Reportedly Offers to Buy BlackBerry for $7.5 Billion

Its the buzz of the tech world-- Samsung recently made an attempt to buy BlackBerry. Word of the alleged takeover bid was first publicized by Reuters, which reported this week that Samsung is interested in buying the Canadian-based company for $7.5 billion.According to Reuters, Samsung executives m ...

Nokia Maps To Appear On Samsung Phones

Nokia’s popular map service is set to appear on Samsung’s latest smartphones, it was announced recently. A deal brokered between the two tech giants will see a beta or test version for Nokia’s ‘Here’ maps, an Android application, included free on the Gear S Smartwatch ...

Are You Ready for 5G?

Get ready, everybody! A new wireless technology is comin' round the bend: 5G.“Shut the front door!” you say. “I just figured out what 4G is all about. Are we really up to number 5 already?”Well, sort of.Wireless technology has been evolving since the 1980s. We've wat ...