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8 Steps to Create a Better EFSS Solution for Your Company

8 Steps to Create a Better EFSS Solution for Your Company

Today’s businesses rely on file sharing between their employees and customers. Therefore, cloud based tools play an important role for business owners today. The tools allow businesses to share files with multiple people and devices at the same time. The broad range of functions and features ...
Best Blogging Apps for Android

4 of the Best Blogging Apps for Android

In the last few years, blogging has become a lucrative enterprise that can generate significant traffic and income streams. While a growing number of writers may have monetized their site for financial gain, the desire to express an opinion and share knowledge remains the driving factor behind most ...

The 3 Best Energy Saving Apps for Android

With wireless charging now a viable option for smartphone owners from around the world, the issues posed by weak battery performance or the loss of power are diminishing. This technology is not available to everyone, however, while Apple handsets currently benefit from far greater energy saving too ...

Mobile Apps Benefit from Diameter Signaling

As application services increased across the mobile internet, it became increasingly apparent that the Internet needed better traffic management to improve network performance. Services became ever more greedy for network resources, and user experience deteriorated. If only there were some kind of ...