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Worldwide CAD Trends Survey

Trends about any business sector is a necessity for successful planning of any business entity, this makes it ideal for every business planners to arm themselves with relevant reports emanating in the market about trends, for establishments dealing in statistics, trends, computing, engineering and ...
Hadoop and Big Data

Understanding Hadoop and Big Data

Hadoop is a set of open source programs and procedures that are used in conjunction with big data operations as its backbone. The set of programs and procedures can be modified to fit any company’s needs. The Hadoop backbone helps companies analyze their big data. In the Hadoop program, there ... ...

Task Management Software Solutions

Task management software allows groups of individuals to pool resources to achieve predetermined goals. The software enables each individual assigned to a particular project the ability to follow the task through its lifecycle. The process involves following four structured and precise steps: devel ...
Selling SaaS Solutions

10 Tips Toward Selling SaaS Solutions

SaaS take-up is growing like crazy.  Whether you are an app vendor selling your own bespoke SaaS/cloud solutions or a solution provider, here are 10 proven tips to improve your chances of making that all-important sale.1. Are you already using SaaS?Did you know that 75% of us are already using ... ...

The Purpose Of The MSIC

 The MSIC, or Maritime Security Identification Card, is a combination ID card and proof of security clearance. The MSIC follows a standard format all across the Australia, allowing for immediate recognition and making it easier to spot fakes. Since 2007, they have enabled port authorities to m ... ...

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